How to upload your mail list?

Emails Checker makes your email verification very simple with a simple excel uploading form.

To get started make sure your email is verified. On logging in you will see a main blank screen with messages no lists found.

On the right corner of screen, you will see the button named Upload File. Click the button to start uploading your first list.

Upload Files

On Clicking Upload File you will see a popup modal that will ask you for your email verification list. The emails checker allows all types of excel files for verification like,

Excel Workbook.xlsx
Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook (code).xlsm
Excel Binary Workbook.xlsb
CSV (comma delimited).csv
Support File Formats

You can upload any of the above-mentioned files for validation. But to make sure your files have an EMAIL OR EMAILS column before your emails list start. as shown below.

File with Email or Emails column.

You can download the sample file here.

Once your file is ready you can upload that file in the upload popup modal.

Drag and Drop or Upload your file by Browsing.

By uploading the file you will see the green Upload complete message shown below. Once you see the green Upload Complete Message click the Blue Upload button to upload your emails on the Emails Checker.

Click the Upload button to start processing and uploading your emails.

Don’t worry your emails list will not start verifying right away. Once the upload is done you will have to click the Start Verification button to start the verification process.

Just by following image-based steps, you can upload your first list within a minute. If you still need more help uploading the Files you can contact our live chat support team to get extra help.

April 14, 2022

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