How important is it to have clean email lists?

Very important! Clean email lists ensure that your email marketing strategy doesn’t go to waste. If you send out your next campaign to unverified and outdated email addresses, you’ll find that you’ll have a very low conversion rate, as well as unreliable data. With a clean list, however, you’ll only be distributing your email to…

How often should I verify my emails?

Large lists should be checked once every two weeks, at the very least. Smaller sized lists can be checked on a monthly basis.

Do I need to install any software to use Emails Checker?

No, you don’t. From the moment you upload your email lists, Emails Checker will take care of the entire process. Once you’ve set up an account with us, you can upload your lists directly from your browser.

What is your accuracy rate?

Email deliverability is a critical metric for the success of your email campaigns and your mailing reputation as a whole. Emails Checker uses industry best practices to ensure the most accurate verification results. We back up our results with a 97.5% (or better) deliverability rate guarantee: 90%+ accuracy rates on AOL, Yahoo, and office 365…

How many emails I can upload per campaign?

At Emails Checker, we currently don’t have any upload limits. There is only a minimum upload limit and that is a minimum of 10 emails per campaign. If your list is smaller than 10 emails then use single email validation to check those emails here.  

A valid email address just bounced. How did this happen?

Emails Checker only determines if the recipient email address exists. It does not test the anti-spam policies employed by the receiving mail server, as no mail is actually sent. Make sure that your mail server’s DNS data contains valid MX, PTR, and SPF records. You should also check that the sender’s address exists and that…

Is there any risk that our IPs and domains will get blacklisted when using your service?

All processing and validation are completed on our multiple global servers, so your IP addresses and domains are not affected in any way by the Emails Checker service. There is absolutely no risk of your IPs and domains becoming blacklisted or blocked by ESP (Email Service Providers).