How Do Credits Work?

How Purchased Credits work: 1 Credit = 1 Email Verification Credits can be used: Through the Clean via List Upload in Dashboard Through Verify one at a time via your Dashboard Through B2B leads finder via your Dashboard Through Verify using the API How Free Credits work: We offer free credits to anyone who books…

Does You store emails that are called from the API?

We really care about data protection and user privacy, so never stores any emails that are called from API. But for security reasons, we track the API call logs with calls from IP and Verified Email results in our servers. All the track records are deleted after 6 months every time from the date of…

What is the API’s up-time?

We are constantly monitoring all of our validation servers, including API. Currently, the Emails Checker API uptime guarantee is 99.0% – we never go below this. You can monitor all Emails Checker servers and their up-times via this status page.

How do I use the API?

There is full documentation on the API page, which is accessible here.

Which package should I purchase?

It depends on the frequency of which you need to maintain email lists. Pay as You Go packages are the best fit for different needs based on list size. Please note that Emails Checker credits never expire.

How can I upload my email lists?

On the dashboard, you have access to the “Uploading Email Lists” option. Click on it and you will be able to easily upload your files.

Does Emails Checker keep other columns than email if I upload a CSV file?

Yes. You can have as many as columns you want. We will add extra validation columns to your original file.

Will you store my lists forever?

No. You can remove your email lists any time you want. Moreover, Emails Checker automatically removes the lists 30 days after upload or validation, whichever is the latter. Please ensure you download your validation results once validation is finished.