Does Emails Checker send out any e-mail messages while validating?

No, it doesn’t. We employ DNS and SMTP protocol functionalities to perform email address validations, and always avoids sending any email messages to external mail exchangers for delivery.

How many emails I can upload per campaign?

At Emails Checker, we currently don’t have any upload limits. There is only a minimum upload limit and that is a minimum of 10 emails per campaign. If your list is smaller than 10 emails then use single email validation to check those emails here.  

A valid email address just bounced. How did this happen?

Emails Checker only determines if the recipient email address exists. It does not test the anti-spam policies employed by the receiving mail server, as no mail is actually sent. Make sure that your mail server’s DNS data contains valid MX, PTR, and SPF records. You should also check that the sender’s address exists and that…

Is there any risk that our IPs and domains will get blacklisted when using your service?

All processing and validation are completed on our multiple global servers, so your IP addresses and domains are not affected in any way by the Emails Checker service. There is absolutely no risk of your IPs and domains becoming blacklisted or blocked by ESP (Email Service Providers).

I’m concerned about the privacy of my data.

Emails Checker is a service that operates according to EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards. We do not process or store email addresses for any purpose other than validation. We do not share any client data with any third party, at any time. We retain personal data processed on behalf of our clients for…